Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Come Follow the Band.

The UPS man has been working overtime this past week, delivering instruments for the girls. We know have more guitars and basses in the house. I have ordered and extra set of ear plugs as Jade just gave us a demonstration on the drums…lessons… lessons…lessons. 

No one is sleeping in this house!

The house was filled with music over the weekend as students from the musical theater class that I teach came in to record a song. I love it when there is some kind of creativity happening in the house; hope to have many more of those creative weekends. We will see if spring break leads to learning songs or just musical instruments gathering dust.

 I hope that we are inspired to put down the electronics and help our souls to be more fulfilled. So a week of work and no dance in the evenings and children who are usually up at the crack of dawn and out the door these days. We will have to see if we all survive the week! Love hearing the music that the girls are listening too and the fact that we were never young ourselves and listened to any kind of relevant music, it makes me smile. I would hate to know what they think of our musical tastes, may have to dye my hair and get a nose ring to be relevant, ha!       

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