Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is on the way !!! Please

After what seems months of 100 degree temps  we have experienced a cooling front and rain.. what a wonderful sensation to be able the open up the windows and let fresh air come blowing through the house !!!!.

Life is at full swing in our house we are back to school, we also have guitar and violin lessons, Jade has informed me that she is going to be a drummer we may need a little more sound proofing in the studio for  that one.

And also dance classes have started some of which I get to teach, Ruby is taking a class from me and she has done a great job letting mommy be the teacher. I am certainly enjoying using my skills as a dance teacher and the ages of my classes range from 3-4's up to teenagers.

Pearl had a birthday and she is now 7 going on 40, and all the girls are doing so well in school and most mornings Jade is enthusiastic to get out of bed and go and then some she informs me that this is a good day to watch TV and eat popcorn and I am hard pressed to argue with her on this point sometimes.

Ruby has been working on a diorama of Neptune and I am proud to say that she did everything herself I have no need to do my children' s homework for them, it also may be that I have no talent in that direction .
so if we can keep up with all the activities and deadlines we will be doing great, I don't know how families who have something going on every night  keep their sanity.

Princess Jade in the Studio

I am pleased to say that all the girls auditioned for the school music "Willy Wonker and the chocolate factory" and got in, I think I would have had a hard time if one of them had not made the cut but I know that we will have to deal with this in the future as that is the nature of the beast. But for now we all get to practice being an um pa lump a !!! love it.

Daddy has been locked in the studio working on computer courses and also fine tuning our next animation project " surfer puppy" the girls have no idea what a huge part of this process they are and how much power that they wield. Well on the wash some dishes and make some lunches for tomorrow.
Pearl and her MP3 !!