Sunday, September 19, 2010

The treetop sisters  is a fledgling project that came out of a need for us to connect with our children and make them part of a dream that we have had for some time. We as parents sometimes have a tough choice when choosing appropriate materials for our young children to watch, and spurring our young girls to use their imaginations and take what they see around them to transform their world into whatever their hearts desire.
Our Treetop Sisters as you will see from our first project are three young girls;  Ruby, Pearl and Jade, who tell stories and are transported to a labyrinth of beautiful colors and friendly faces. As with our story Ruby is the oldest and loves to read. Pearl is our budding violinist, and Jade is our precocious four-year old.
My husband, Terry Ayers, has been involved in music since the 1970’s. He toured nationally with Atlantic Record’s recording artist, Laura Branigan, as well as appearing on NBC’s The Tonight Show.
 Terry continues to earn his living as a full time musician as well as songwriter. But as with many musicians several days out of each week are spent on the road and in trying to connect with his girls when returning home. It was out of his desire to truly bond with his daughters the idea of the “treetop sisters” was born.
The girls have been involved in every aspect of the projects from Ruby our eldest ( 7 years old.) singing the lead vocals to the other girls being involved with choosing colors for the animation, as well as lending their voices to the video game of “The Bear at the Fair”.
My name is Trisha Ayers and I have the wonderful job of being the “stay at home mom” to these three girls. My background is in dance and theater, but now my biggest theatrical production is that of stage manager to my talented and sometimes crazy household.
I hope that you will enjoy the “treetop sisters” and take this magical journey with us from Terry, Trisha, Ruby, Pearl and Jade.