Sunday, May 10, 2015

Testing the Brain !

Testing time is here again and to add to the drama I wrote down the wrong day for outside testing. So as we are walking around getting groceries I receive a call asking me why Jade was not in testing this morning. My brain went numb and my mouth went dry and I had that sick in my stomach feeling. But as sometimes happens, everything turns out for the best. We were able to take an online test at home which covered more ground than the usual testing. The girls were very calm in their  surroundings and so I think that I got a better sense of what they had learned in the past year.

We are all glad that it is over and the girls did well, what impressed me most was that once we were finished each one of them came up with something that they needed to work on for the next school year. So now we continue  finishing off our year with a heavy focus on math for some and reading for others. They know who they are!