Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day !!!

Finally the snow day that we had dreamed about over Christmas ! Well not quiet the two feet of snow, but it was enough to spark my girls into action. We got layered up and went outside to sled and build a snow man and before we got too cold and had some tears, we got to do just that.

We called a snow day and so we made the most of being home bound for the day only venturing out for this short time. And our snowman was nothing to brag about but we had the best time constructing it, making certain that we had a carrot in the house to add the finishing touch.

As you can see not a big amount of snow but how wonderful to see the eyes of the girls light up when those first flurries started to come down, it makes you smile and feel that warm glow of joy and also wanting to capture that excitement that it would seem only children can posses. 
Terry ventured out with us and got a well deserved break from the studio to play with his treetop sisters, I don't know who had more fun Terry or the girls. 

We are due to have more snow tomorrow and who knows we may have another snow day and capture some more memories. Once we retreated inside we warmed ourselves and felt the need to go into the studio and play a song even Jade joined us on the drums! glad to say it was precious and glad there was no-one to hear but us.... I think my violin was out of tune!!!!!.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year.......  Miss Jade is helping daddy with the next project, I think that this one is going to be about a Mermaid. 

We celebrated a wonderful Christmas as well as a  Happy New Year and now it is time to get back to work and school. 

Just before Christmas our studio was filled with Christmas cheer as Terry's sister Linda came in to finish her recording project, what a wonderful pianist she is!
We are egerly awaiting the final animation on "Larry the lumberjack" and hope to preview that in the next installment and Ruby has just completed singing a Spanish version of "Bear at the Fair"!

 It is amazing that children have such great ears for languages! It took her no time at all to record it. A big thank you to Rebbecca Pullen for working with Ruby on the pronunciation. Ruby also performed during the holidays with her school choir and did a great job with seasonal songs and handbells!!!!
Pearl has been hard at work with her violin, but I think she has enjoyed the winter break and everyone in the house is ready for her to move onto a different song.  She is also ready to get back into the studio and add her vocals to another of daddy's wonderful songs. 
Miss Jade was back to pre-school today and she was ready as she told us she needed to get her sillies out. And from this photo you can tell that she is doing her best to do that.

Merry Christmas