Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break Treetop Sisters Style.

Spring break! So we are not going to Hawaii or Colorado to ski and in fact for a change (insert sarcasm) we are staying at home. When both parents are working that is what you have to do. So we came up with a list of what they girls would like to do, the list included going to the mall as Jade had some money burning a hole in her pocket with Build a Bear on it.

 But as the week went on we had to get creative for our Facebook friends and so we came up with “photo shoot “ in the backyard and my personal favorite was “learn” how to use the washing machine !!!! 

We did end up the week staying at a hotel with an indoor pool for the evening and the big surprise was going to our very first Rodeo.

 It was wonderful and I would go back in a heartbeat. Even got a little teary when the national anthem was played and a young girl rode around the arena holding a huge flag.  I think we did well with our week of activities, who needs Hawaii anyway !!!!!!!!

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