Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Road Trip

Well competitive dance season has come to an end! The girls worked really hard and had a lot of fun and to tell you the truth the scoring is great because it feels like everyone is rewarded. I like that as a mom, don’t get me wrong there are clear winners but there is lots of encouragement and rewards for others. Let’s face it how many of these young girls and boys are going to go on to a career In dance? A very small percentage I would imagine, but to watch all the effort, enjoyment and accomplishment that comes from being part of a group or duo etc. You know that things that they have learned in class and on that competitive stage will last them a lifetime and follow them to whatever path  they choose.

Most of our dances where on Saturday and by the end of the day I think that we realized we need more stamina and that I would not be a very good long distance truck driver !!!  But we stayed in a hotel and swam in the pool and had a fun girl’s weekend.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Birthday Madness

Well, we had two birthdays in one week which is enough cake for any family to eat. But we did our best and finished each cake on the day it was presented. I have to admit that we did not get the biggest cakes available but everyone got at least 2 pieces.

First birthday to celebrate was my dads who came all the way from England to party with his grandkids. Girls had so much fun blowing up balloons and wrapping presents, I love to see the joy that children have when they give to others, makes me so proud.

Then onto Miss Jade who turned 9 this year. We surprised her with getting her ears pierced which is something that we have set for a tenth birthday, but wanting to really surprise her and after checking with Ruby and Pearl, we went ahead and got them done. We did have a few tears but she admired the finished result and was glad that she had them done.

Jade at the end of the day said " this was the best day ever" cannot top that. I think the pictures say it all .

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yard Sale Madness

Yard sale madness!!! I cannot believe we had so much stuff to put into our yard sale. I always say that we will not do this again but every year we do it. Jade is the cupcake queen and because she is cute she gets donations from people without even selling a cupcake. My mom who is visiting from England was even in on the action, she used to have a clothing store so she was in her element helping people find the perfect outfit.

 So 8am signs were posted and everyone was at their stations, with help from our three cats. I love hearing the girls with their negotiating skills and luckily we do not have the most expensive things on the block. I do not know how we got so much or saved so much for use at a  later date, but I guess that most of us do that. When we move to the next house I would like it to be half the size and half the stuff.

Day one was a great success, day two not so much we determined that one key sign had fallen down.  So at the the end of it the girls got to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And we still have a garage full of stuff for next time..

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break

Spring Break is here !!!!!!! and we are staying home. Which means that we have to be creative and stay away from Facebook and all the folks that have gone off to wonderful exotic places. I think it is harder each year to keep the girls entertained  at home..... Well we are preparing for a yard sale at the end of the week and the girls get split the profits so that peaks their interest somewhat . Jade has proclaimed that she is going to be in charge of her own lemonade and cupcake stand.
We started off with a trip to a new venue in town , everyone was tired and sweaty after an hour of non stop jumping. I on the other hand sat in a nice couch watching them. 

Step two was to take the girls to the movies, Jade is not one for anything that is not animated but she was captivated by this princess story. We sat through the whole thing with one big bucket of popcorn, noticing that we put more on the floor than in our mouths. 

Yard sale day one came and we had lots of people and Jade did a roaring trade in cupcakes not so much with the lemonade. Day two was not so wonderful, we found out later that one of our signs had fallen down and this halted our booming trade. Sun was out though and we played frisbee and looked for birds. 
So all in all we had a great Spring break and now we will try to get back into the normal swing of school and dance and everyday life, something that we have not strayed from too much this week. Next week we also get to start work on filming some things for the girls new You tube channel.