Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Getting Back To Speed !!!

Girls are tuning up for their upcoming performance at some of their favorite venues. We have stopped rehearsing at home; there are just too many distractions. Now we get to rehearse at the dance studio. This has been a great plus; mirrors and space seem to make all the difference on our outlook. Jade has decided that she would like to be our storyteller and has done a great job memorizing lines and learning choreography. Just could not be prouder of the girls. It was good to take the summer off and just be kids and not have to think about dance or Treetop sisters or any kind of regular schedule. But now as summer is over and fall is here we gradually add our layers of school and dance and music and Brownies and gymnastics…….

One thing that we have tried to think about is how we can help others and teach the girls to be helpers. We have been delivering meals on wheels and volunteering at church. It is important for us to help others and to feel that we can bring a little sunshine to others, which in turn brings some sunshine into our lives.