Monday, September 23, 2013

Performance Time

Treetop sisters got to perform at the Fayetteville library this past Wednesday! They had a great time and I think that it was their best performance yet. They loved the children’s performance area, complete with lights and a small stage (Jade loved that!)  So Ruby, Pearl and Jade got to share their music with the preschoolers who danced and colored with us too. Very proud of the girls they helped me with directions and loading in the equipment as well as setting up the microphones and greeting the kids.

Also, Miss Jade stayed with us for the whole performance, sometimes she will wander off in the libraries and go and get a book and read. Finally she is getting the big picture…. Maybe she will clean the house and cook dinner next, ha ha. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sleepover Madness !!!

Yes, I got into the sleepover madness for two weekends in a row….. Firstly for Pearls birthday and then the following weekend to Ruby’s book club girls. I must say that all the girls that came over were lovely and all had great attitudes!   Mine was not so good at 11:45pm when it was time for the girls to play (scream) hide and seek. But the girls had fun and hopefully this coming weekend we can just stay in our jammies till mid-morning on Saturday and be our old grumpy selves for a while. 

We actually started the Birthday midweek with a family celebration. Then at the the weekend it was time for friends to join in!

And so Pearl wanted to go to "Build a Bear" and so when it is your birthday you get to do what you want, within reason. 

We picked bears and gave them hearts and a bath. Filled them with love and stuffing and then back home to continue the marathon of activities and games. Jade had a great time hanging out with friends and sisters.And Ruby was a great big sister, helping to move along the party and include all of the guests. 

I love seeing my girls around other kids, how they act how they resolve things and especially how they laugh and giggle. Seeing that they pick friends who have a moral compass makes me feel very proud. 

Not to say that we don't have are moments of sassy and making the wrong choices because we do. But hopefully we are always trying to learn from mistakes..... I try but sometime I just keep making the same ones over and over. 

Pearl was Princess for the day!

And Ruby loaded up the water balloons for fun and games outside. 
We even tried our hands at homemade pizza. 

All in all, we had a great time. I survived and will be ready for next year. Way to go sleepovers. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer is moving out!

As I finally found out how to use dropbox !!!! I am not quite sure how this will enhance my life, but I felt that it was something that I needed to master. I came across lots of photos that were stored on my cell phone, that when viewed at one time seemed to indicate that we had a good summer.  It consisted of trips to see Grandma and Grandpa, trips to the lake. 

dentist’s appointments (that looked fun on camera) trips to the pool, art, dance and fun times. 

I think that I can check this one off as one of the best summers so far. Now we buckle down to school and Treetop sister’s concerts, as well as the release of our first cd single “Nikki and the Crew” We are very excited and Miss Pearl said that we should send a copy to Santa when we are done! One down for keeping kids, kids as they do grow up too soon, don’t care what you say!

Treetop Sisters