Thursday, December 15, 2016

Where does the time go!

We are well into the Christmas season and we are bursting with choir and orchestra concerts as well as promoting the new Christmas song for the Treetop Sisters. The girls have been interview for local television spots and also have done some Radio interviews. It always surprises me that they take anything that is put in there way with ease and no big deal, which I think is a great way to be. They have just always been around music and performing in some way, I think that this will be a great skill for whatever they do with their lives be it entertainment or public speaking anything that will give then confidence to communicate in their everyday lives.  Terry has been working around the clock to get press information to every Radio station that he can as well as working on graphics and download materials. He is definitely the power house behind this project and little do the girls know how much work goes into promoting a family run project. So every football game that is watched will also be accompanied by a laptop and some emails or Facebook posts.  
Hoping that the end of the year will slow down enough that we can enjoy family and friends as well as give the girls a chance to gear up for the New Year and whatever that will bring for the Treetop Sisters.  Be sure to check out the website, Terry is always updating and keeping everyone informed. Way to go Dad !!!!