Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vacation Bible School is something that I did not experience when I was young, growing up in England. What a great way for kids to go into a church and get covered in some love and fun while planting some seeds . This year I was lucky enough to be part of the music. Energy is usually the theme that I try to go with; it is no use trying to teach preschoolers and 5th graders something at the same time that requires technical knowledge. Children our like sponges if you can spark their imagination then you are on the right track I was looking at photos from our VBS and remembering the wonderful kids and all the joy that they gave me.  

I also like the fact that I can be involved in something and not have direct contact with my children but be in the same area to observe how they act around other adults and children, sometimes you beam and then others you make a mental note to talk later !!!!

Terry helped me out at VBS, jumping in a couple of days when I had to teach and I know that the girls really enjoyed getting to show off their dad.