Sunday, February 5, 2012

 As I have mentioned before, I like awards when all my girls get them but think that they are not a terrible idea when one of them does not receive the accolade. We once again did not have to cross that bridge as all girls got a chance to get a pat on the back at their school. A & B students got to stand up and in front of their school and parents be told that they had done a good job. Daddy got to go this time as I was working, and I am glad that he got this opportunity.  But as with last time I don’t know where the certificates are after a week or so and know we are onto another 9 weeks! 

Jade getting her A's & B's Award

Pearl Getting her A's and B's Award

Ruby  doing a great job

 Still struggling with that balance of school and homework and dance and practicing instruments. Yet I know that we are not as heavily scheduled as friends. I cannot tell you the last time that I posted on Facebook and forget about Twitter…… if it were not for the camera on the phone I do not know if I would take any photos of the girls, but I do love to look at the camera sometimes as Jade gets hold of it and starts taking random photos of herself and her sisters some are just the funniest things that you have ever seen and once again I remember, that the most important thing is too be able to laugh at yourself, ha ha ha.