Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dancing Feet !!!

Dance fever has hit the house…. literally, we have shoes and costumes everywhere!  The 2016 dance completion season is now underway! I would like to say that we are totally prepared, but I think not. I am sure it will all come together by the time they take the stage, but who knows… and you know what? That is part of the fun.

We traveled for our first competition with shoes, tights, and costumes in hand. Jade is always so great to come along with us and share in the madness. I think for her the highlight is staying in a hotel and swimming in the pool.

The girls both had solo numbers this year and that was a little nerve-racking, to say the least. I like that they are not in the same category as they are not the same age. But still there is some sibling rivalry which I am sure is only natural. They each did a great job and came off the stage with a sense of achievement and also some points with which they could improve.

My mother was visiting from England and had the chance to see her granddaughters dance. It was like stepping back in time for her and me. I was so glad to have her there to share in the moment, and she was such a help. It is amazing what an extra pair of caring hands can do for you. She got to hang out with Jade and go swimming etc. This would be the way I would choose to spend all competitions in the future, but I guess we will just have to get our act together for the next one.
Great job girls and thank you for sharing the experience with me. 

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