Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Road Trip

Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN. 

 Spring break was here and so we packed up and went to Music City, USA. Nashville TN where we had once lived when Ruby was a very little girl. We had not been back in a few years and so we thought it a great spot to visit once again. Driving in a minivan with 3 young girls was not my idea of a fun time, but we occupied our time with eye spy, videos and some singing along the way. Although Jade does not like it when mommy sings in the car how wonderful to have once  earned a living  singing only to be silenced by a four year old. Children can be very humbling sometimes !!!!!

 Who knew that we would see the King!!! while in Nashville, but I guess that maybe he was here on Spring break also. As you can see Jade did not what to be part of the happy group although mommy made her !!!!
Here is a close up of Jade when she does not want to join in, it is amazing the determination of a four year old.
We had a wonderful time in Nashville visiting friend and what feels like family, hopefully it will not take us that long to get back next time.