Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall pictures

Fall is such a beautiful time and we have tried to seize more outside time, after the very hot and humid summer that we had it has been a very welcome change. I took advantage of the photo opportunities and the girls had fun also. I just love the fact that other than Jade who decided to cut her own hair, that the girls have let me keep their hair long. I can remember from my childhood having very long hair and just bugging my mom  to let me cut it because all my friends were doing it. So she let me have it cut,   I hated it and spent the rest of my teen years trying to grow it out. Not to mention the perm I made my  mother give me ,oh that just makes me shudder thinking about that.Well let me not get off track from the great pictures that the girls let me take and the fun that we had that day.