Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yard Sale Madness

Yard sale madness!!! I cannot believe we had so much stuff to put into our yard sale. I always say that we will not do this again but every year we do it. Jade is the cupcake queen and because she is cute she gets donations from people without even selling a cupcake. My mom who is visiting from England was even in on the action, she used to have a clothing store so she was in her element helping people find the perfect outfit.

 So 8am signs were posted and everyone was at their stations, with help from our three cats. I love hearing the girls with their negotiating skills and luckily we do not have the most expensive things on the block. I do not know how we got so much or saved so much for use at a  later date, but I guess that most of us do that. When we move to the next house I would like it to be half the size and half the stuff.

Day one was a great success, day two not so much we determined that one key sign had fallen down.  So at the the end of it the girls got to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And we still have a garage full of stuff for next time..

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