Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break

Spring Break is here !!!!!!! and we are staying home. Which means that we have to be creative and stay away from Facebook and all the folks that have gone off to wonderful exotic places. I think it is harder each year to keep the girls entertained  at home..... Well we are preparing for a yard sale at the end of the week and the girls get split the profits so that peaks their interest somewhat . Jade has proclaimed that she is going to be in charge of her own lemonade and cupcake stand.
We started off with a trip to a new venue in town , everyone was tired and sweaty after an hour of non stop jumping. I on the other hand sat in a nice couch watching them. 

Step two was to take the girls to the movies, Jade is not one for anything that is not animated but she was captivated by this princess story. We sat through the whole thing with one big bucket of popcorn, noticing that we put more on the floor than in our mouths. 

Yard sale day one came and we had lots of people and Jade did a roaring trade in cupcakes not so much with the lemonade. Day two was not so wonderful, we found out later that one of our signs had fallen down and this halted our booming trade. Sun was out though and we played frisbee and looked for birds. 
So all in all we had a great Spring break and now we will try to get back into the normal swing of school and dance and everyday life, something that we have not strayed from too much this week. Next week we also get to start work on filming some things for the girls new You tube channel.   

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