Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Birthday Madness

Well, we had two birthdays in one week which is enough cake for any family to eat. But we did our best and finished each cake on the day it was presented. I have to admit that we did not get the biggest cakes available but everyone got at least 2 pieces.

First birthday to celebrate was my dads who came all the way from England to party with his grandkids. Girls had so much fun blowing up balloons and wrapping presents, I love to see the joy that children have when they give to others, makes me so proud.

Then onto Miss Jade who turned 9 this year. We surprised her with getting her ears pierced which is something that we have set for a tenth birthday, but wanting to really surprise her and after checking with Ruby and Pearl, we went ahead and got them done. We did have a few tears but she admired the finished result and was glad that she had them done.

Jade at the end of the day said " this was the best day ever" cannot top that. I think the pictures say it all .

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